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23.10.2010 13:48
RE: Stellungnahme Bezüglich Uniform Editor Antworten

The recent announcement that the uniform editor was being dropped jumped the gun a bit.

It’s true that we’re not planning to release the tool we originally designed. Some feature designs don’t pan out as imagined, and this one was frankly not great. All it would allow was the setting of colours for a particular unit type. It was clunky and didn’t do what most people actually wanted.

What we are planning to do is to release the full unit editor along with the data builder tool. This is the tool chain we used to create and edit the units in the game. It’s far more powerful than the uniform editor would have been.

There aren’t any areas of the game which in principle we don’t want players to be able to mod, but there are difficulties in practice in making it possible, and we do have some work to do to package up the tools.

We are intending to come up with a more comprehensive long term strategy on encouraging and facilitating mods, and will talk more about this soon, but for now I can say for sure that the Napoleon unit editor tools remain a priority. The tools are currently scheduled for release in the first half of 2011, this is of course dependent on how Shogun 2 progresses, and we will keep you updated.

We haven’t and won’t forget this, hence putting a date to it. For now Shogun 2 remains our top priority.



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